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Please read my long explanation about the Hong Kong Pools, read carefully so that in the future you will not waste money just again when you put the lottery, and from now on only install it to profit from your victory.
Yes!! You will feel it after you read this article to the end.You need to know that TOGEL IS A PUBLIC FOUNDATION !!
YES! You lottery installer is a dupe, whether you are aware of it or not.
Have you ever watched films in which there are gambling scenes? I think it must have been and maybe often too.
In each film we will see that the reliable gamblers / gods always play tricks on cheating in his victory, because that is how you can be successful / rich from gambling. Whatever gambling.
Try to remember all the gambling you have ever done, can you win every time? Are you already rich from that? bookie lottery sgp YOU WANT TO JP POSITIVE NUMBERS?
MAXIMUM JP PERSON CANNOT BE MORE THAN IDR 3,500,000 (maximum installation IDR 50,000 per line).And please add my Facebook to be able to directly communicate with me.Leaked from me only for 3 people, because I also have an account online to install it. hongkong togel city
That means, my maximum ability can only make the city profit reduced by only 17 million every night, more than that it is difficult, let alone make the city loss, it is impossible.Do not be hurried lust first, read first properly and carefully my writing, so that you do not become stupid like the majority of Indonesian people in general, because they do not catch the point of an article, or even lazy to read and become stupid all his life. SGG lottery agent
I first described the lottery algorithm.4D = 0000 – 9999 the number is 10,000
3D numbers = 000- 999 the number is 1,000
2D numbers = 00 – 99 = the number is 100 numbersJP Prize:  Sydney Lottery Agent
4D = × 3200
3D = × 400
2D = × 70Official discount:
4D = 68% → install 1000 pay 320
3D = 60% → install 1000 pay 400
2D = 30% → install 1000 pay 700Funds flow:
If 2D is put at Rp. 1,000, then we will spend Rp. 100,000, and we just pay Rp. 70,000 because there is a discount from the dealer.
Because every 2D figure we put, then we must be JP, and the prize is Rp. 70,000.
So, the city cannot get anything … the results of the Hong Kong lottery. 
So, where does the big / main get money?If we refer to the data above, our simple sense will conclude that, the bookie will profit if the resulting number of money pairs is small, and the bookie will lose if the opposite happens.The name is gambling .. people will always want to win / profit. And the fact is, Hong Kong lottery is not just gambling, but is a BUSINESS of lottery mafia that runs in a structured, systematic and massive manner. 2d dream bookIf Hongkong Pools issues numbers by lottery in a pure / honest manner, it does not regulate the numbers that will be issued at all, of course the results will not make many people angry and cursing. Indonesia lottery prediction What
results have you seen so far?
Hong Kong figures are normal or crazy?
Has anyone ever received documentation, news, concrete evidence, that the Hong Kong lottery is doing an open draw (drawn purely in public)? NOT KAN …Please observe all the results of the Hong Kong lottery, do the numbers that they issue look reasonable (not set as forehead) …You need to know, Hongkong Pools (Hong Kong lottery) is not an official state lottery of Hong Kong, it is not privately owned by Hong Kong, it is not based / based in Hong Kong country, nor is it registered as a gambling company in Hong Kong.
Well ..  3d dream bookIf you understand IT, the simplest way is to do a tracker on the hongkongpools domain (dot) com and see the results …
Yes !! Hong Kong Togel is based in the United States, and the owner / controller is Indonesian. BAD NEWS NOT? 😁  Then who are the people behind this business? lottery dream prediction
The answer is “MAFIA TOGEL”.
And 94% of the total shares of HongkongPools are owned by 4 people from Indonesia. That is, these 4 people controlled the Hong Kong lottery, and these 4 people were the controllers (using a joint stock system).The source of the pair’s money is 98% from Indonesia, because Hong Kong Togel is only circulating rapidly in Indonesia.
The amount of net money from the installer who enters per day (deposits from airports in Indonesia) is around 1.2 billion (after deducting discounts from various variables).
Hongkong Togel pairs value is dominated in 2D and 3D, for 4D CB CM Shio etc. very little.
Data every day is constant for the value of the percentage of money. 2D range 89-95%, 3D range 5-10%, 4D never more than 1%, CB + CM range 1-2%, etc. -1%. dream bookWHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF DAILY HONGKONG POOLS?
YES … THAT’S THE FACT.So where do they get hundreds of millions of profits from?
They always issue the numbers with the least amount of money (the order of the lowest 1-3, the previous results do not count).Let me explain ..
For example the 2D result yesterday was 00, and today the number with the least number of installations is: 00, 85, 34, 46. Then what goes into the lowest price is: “85, 34, 46”, except for traps, 00 can enter so the lowest price. Singapore 4d As long as the installation is not closed, the computing system will continue to decompose the 2D numbers from the paired data sent by Indonesian airports, but the 3D 4D numbers and others are not described.
That is the time I use to misuse company data, which is near the close of the pair, where the 3 numbers are already sitting pretty bottom. 4d dream bookAfter closing the pair, the 3 2D lines (3 lowest price) will be locked.
From these 3 number lines, the program will describe the combination of 3D and 4D.
The program will automatically compile 3D combinations that have the lowest payment value, 4D combinations that are not installed, and COLLOCK etc. with the lowest pay value.
Later the results will rise themselves from computational calculations.
If the 4D combination is all paired, it means that the one who is paying is the lowest paid value.
Anyway, the program algorithm will get a 4D combination with the lowest pay value, and that will be the result later …  4d hongkong
And that’s when you see it will clap your forehead and curse in your heart .. again you fail JP  

: DWhy is the 2D number prioritized, even though 3D and 4D have high pay value?
Because the value of pairs every day is dominated by 2D, this is where the money piles up and the output must be regulated. Because the pairs of 4D and 3D, definitely include 2D as well, and the paired values ​​raised in 2D are accompanied by other 2D numbers that you include … while 3D and 4D are separated.
So, from 2D numbers that have the lowest pair value, surely also for 3D and 4D in that combination the numbers will also be low in pairs. 4D SydneyWhy are they so cruelly adjusting the output numbers, and looking for such a big profit?
Because they have to pay a lot of things for the sake of business continuity. Among them:
Taxes (36 billion a year), office operational costs, bonuses for Indonesian online bookies, employee salaries (at the American office), employee salaries if paid ± Rp. 87.18 million a month.At this point, you understand why you lottery players are cheated … because this business must be profitable, so that you can pay all the supporters behind it, and the business continues to run and give big profits to the major dealers (shareholders). 4d predictionThen, what about the human koar on Facebook that can JP to hundreds of millions of rupiah?
I dont give it a damn, bro … His saying is just a load of shit. The formula / prediction is of no use, especially the one who is given the port city online (the prediction of the lottery group administrator on Facebook).
As long as I am here, Hong Kong lottery profits never under 300 million a day, and it is very unlikely that someone can JP hundreds of millions in Hong Kong lottery.After everything is clear like this, now you know how to get JP / translucent pairs of Hong Kong lottery … The
trick is to know 3 2D lines with the lowest pair value.
Then, where can you get the data? toto dark
YES FROM ME, WANT FROM ANYONE AGAIN ..Actually as employees, we are bound by work contract agreements with a strong legal umbrella.
I am an employee whose job is to patrol / protect / ensure the security of internet and database server lines. We are here employed to protect their traffic and data management. Because the position is dealing directly with company confidential data, which if abusing company data, the penalty is criminal. Sydney lottery predictionsI give some main points of the employment contract agreement with the legal umbrella:
– Employees are prohibited from leaking data out, if the employee is proven to violate it will be sanctioned with applicable criminal law (uu america).
– Employees are prohibited from using data for personal gain, if the employee is proven to be in violation, then a fine will be imposed according to the description in the relevant articles, and / or sanctioned as a violator of data leakage.
And many other detailed regulations that must be obeyed by members / employees in the employment contract agreement. SGP lottery predictionsThe rules of the company … employees must not have more than 1 bank account, and also the account that we have is a bank account in the United States that is distributed by the company, so that employees cannot use their accounts for profit by installing this Hong Kong lottery. Because Hong Kong lottery is only to be marketed in Indonesia, of course, an American bank account cannot be used to create an account at Indonesian online bookies.All of our devices (HP and Laptop) use a custom operating system that is made by the company and encrypted. hongkong lottery prediction
This means that all activities on our cellphones and laptops are synchronized with the IT forensic division system, all of our HP and laptop activities are monitored entirely by employees of the IT forensic division. I don’t know whether they really did an in-depth monitoring or only certain elements.
We live in a dormitory, every week financial data and internet activities and employee tools are audited, to ensure there are no leaks and misuse of data by employees.
And also the provisions of the company will deny employees who try to manipulate internet activities and devices to avoid monitoring the IT forensic team … and we may not try to avoid or try to escape from wiretapping, because it will harm us, because there are provisions to deny people who do it.In essence, they have built a big business, of course accompanied by a very good security system in order to minimize leakage / misuse of data by employees.That’s why all employees here can’t install it themselves, and don’t dare to leak the data out. The result will also be self-defeating. lottery sgpThen, how can I finally dare to divulge the numbers to you, and can also install it myself by having an account at an online bookie?
Because I know in which parts of the gap I can infiltrate, and when the time I have to be a little away ..I will divulge the number to you during business hours and through the office computer.
Office computers may not be audited, because office computer operating systems do not record traces to avoid data theft from outside. togel sydney Doing
a work audit only occasionally to ensure employee performance, work audits do not examine computers, but performance.How can I have an account at an online dealer, yes through the help of my sister. I told him to transfer money to the destination of an online bookie deposit account, then I managed the account at the online bookie. All he has to do is enjoy the money that comes in every night.
I did not dare to go to him, afraid that other family and friends would also ask him, and in the end the number would not be the result because of his rising position. Hong Kong lottery Outside of work hours, sometimes I go online via my personal laptop to just answer a few incoming chats, I use TOR OS with TOR, so there won’t be any traces left behind. But I can’t be online long, bad risks can occur if I get caught while online anonymously.So, if you want to get a leak from me the chances are rather small if you beat around the bush. Because I don’t have much time on Facebook.
So, be simple and to the point when contacting me. lottery predictions The point is, why do I break company secrets and data secretly, because I feel sorry for Indonesian people who are rigged to the limit. Even though Indonesian people who play lottery are ignorant and their mindset is ridiculous, but whose name is my fellow countryman, there is just pity in my heart as a human, at least my help can restore their defeat so far that was rigged by the city.My advice, for those of you who can’t leak numbers from me, you don’t need to install it, especially if you only have predictive numbers / formulas .. WASTE OF AU OM OMG !!
MONEY MONEY MONEY TO RICH PEOPLE Data hk ..  Indonesian lottery

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